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To find out more about our Team and Trainers behind the Fitness Maniacs Challenge, please see below:

Wendy Wendy Bramley

Team Member

Wendy joined in 2009 and quickly became the driving force and passion behind what we know Fitness Maniacs to be and what it will become. 'It's my ambition to assist people in achieving their goals. Being healthy and in-shape really is life-changing'.
BrennaMilesh Morar

Team Member

Milesh co-founded Fitness Maniacs in 2009 and has been a personal trainer since 1998.  He specialises in one on one training but enjoys planning and executing group training sessions. 'I am best known for my legs, my specialty is LEGS – I plan “KILLER” leg workouts.'
BrennaJustin Chetty

Personal Trainer

Justin co-founded  Fitness Maniacs in 2009 and has been a personal trainer since 2006. He specialises in aspects of weight loss and functional and resistance training.  Justin has the ability to make an easy session very tough.
reneRene Fourie

 Personal Trainer
Rene has been a Personal Trainer for 16 years and specialises in functional training, body transformation and sport specific training. "Each training session should be a challenge or you're wasting your time."
JaxJacquine Taylor

Personal Trainer

Jacquine joined Fitness Maniacs in 2015 and specialises in group training. "Train with a partner if possible; a little friendly competition can be a great thing."
brennaBrenna Van Rensburg

Personal Trainer

Brenna has been a Personal Trainer since 2006, prior to that she taught kiddie fit dance/ gymnastics for 6 years. She specialises in ladies group training - Pilates, fitness, spinning and focusing on body fat reduction.
LloydLloyd Van Straaten

Personal Trainer

Lloyd started coaching in 2002 and specialises in high performance competitive sport aerobics, gymnastic training, extreme flexibility, isometrics, callanetics, Pilates, reflex trigger massage and lifestyle transformation.

Channing Smith

Personal Trainer
Channing has been a personal trainer for 6 years and specializes in sport specific strength and conditioning. His hobbies include trail running, mountain biking & compound weight training. "Give of your best in every session but always think long term- pushing your body through injuries is counterproductive."
LorenzoLorenzo Parsonage

Personal Trainer
Lorenzo has been a trainer at Fitness Maniacs since 2015. He has continued to further his studies ever since. Lorenzo is qualified in Exercise Science and also as an Exercise Specialist with Sports Conditioning. He specializes in Group Training, Sports conditioning, Coaching science and Training in different environments. Lorenzo has the ability to get people to want to push to their limits and have a good time whilst doing so. Lorenzo is a firm believer in having a balanced fitness regime and perfecting basics before moving on. "Don't worry about how good the food tastes, worry about how good you will look and feel in the future". "At Fitness Maniacs I have experienced a mental and emotional growth I will forever cherish. The group dynamics and manner in which we watch our clients reach their goals one session at a time is humbling". His hobby's include reading up on interesting articles about Health and Fitness to broadening his knowledge in all aspects of the industry
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