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"March 2011 I was handed a flyer advertising Fitness Maniacs and how your body can be transformed over 12 weeks. My thoughts “Ya right!!!”. I was very comfortable with my body at that stage. I knew I was unfit and very much overweight, but loved my lifestyle of eating anything and everything and doing nothing. I looked for every excuse in the book why not to enroll.

Part of my job entails doing presentations to groups where I always close-off by stating: “Take care of yourself and especially your health” and realised I am preaching, but not practicing and knew it was time to make this drastic change to be an example to the groups I address. 5 Months later I went to register – still very sceptical, yet focussed on what I wanted to achieve.

It is not an easy road – it does take a lot of discipline, but if you stick to the plan you will reach your goal. I had to find a balance between training and eating and incorporated the weight loss eating plan with my daily exercising. Today, after completing 2 challenges I achieved the goals that I have set for myself. The biggest one, having lost the 20kgs I was overweight. Not only am I back to where I was 12 years ago, but I now have the energy to participate in activities with my children. I have adapted my lifestyle to such an extent that exercising and healthy eating became a part of my daily routine even if it’s just a quick 4km run in the mornings.

I look back and can only be thankful and grateful to a dedicated team that assisted me in reaching my goals. The encouragement to stay on track is absolutely priceless!!

Just another Maniac".


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