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testimonial lisa"I am going to start my story by telling you that I did not want to start Fitness Maniacs. I had done previous fitness challenges through other programmes and had tried the personal trainer route. I did not enjoy or benefit much from either.

I had a baby in June 2014 and I spoke about getting back onto my mountain bike and back into the gym for some time after that. This didn’t happen. My fiancé kept talking about Fitness Maniacs and how fantastic it would be for me to take part in order to get back in shape.

I had so many reasons why this would not work for me though: time constraints with having a new baby and Work, babysitting issues, that I would be too tired, breastfeeding, amongst MANY others.

Then he paid for it.
And so I was committed to a Fitness Challenge that I hadn’t really wanted to do. However, I do put as much effort into life as I possibly can. So I put all my misgivings aside, made creative arrangements for the baby (thanks to his fantastic God-Mother) and joined the Spring 2014 Fitness Maniacs Challenge with a positive attitude.

It was the best thing I could ever have done.
We are blessed to live in a beautiful country and a lovely city and there is something so stimulating and reviving about training outside in the fresh air. Initially I was not sure whether I would enjoy the group training environment, but my fears were unjustified as it lends itself to a fun, competitive and unified atmosphere that you simply do not get by training on your own. Also, there are some exercises you will end up doing that by their very nature you would NEVER do them in the gym because you would feel like a complete idiot. Doing them in a group makes you feel a bit like a zebra in a herd… disguised!

The worry that gnawed at me that I would feel stupid in front of the trainers, because of my complete lack of knowledge when it comes to fitness technique and jargon, was completely unjustified. Every trainer that took my class, and there were many different ones, made me feel confident and comfortable with everything I was doing. I was never made to feel stupid about not knowing what something was. I mean seriously, who the hell knew what a “Bird Dog” was before Fitness Maniacs anyway???

This has been a really incredible journey for me and I feel better in myself than I have in 10 years. I love feeling comfortable in my own body and happy with what I see in the mirror. I love that I feel like a dancer when I move because the strength in my core and my muscles lends grace and seeming effortlessness to my movements. I love living a lifestyle where I am healthy and feel incredible in spite of every day stress and tension.

I am not saying that Fitness Maniacs is easy, it isn’t. There have been sessions where I have been exhausted and stiff afterwards but there were no sessions that I did not leave feeling better about myself and my choice to participate. This has been a life-changing experience for me and I am incredibly grateful to Wendy, Milesh, Justin and their team of extraordinary Trainers that have contributed so much positivity to my healthy lifestyle journey. I have done 2 Challenges, have signed up for Annual Bootcamp and have no intention of giving up.

Stop making excuses and explanations, make the time and make the change. Fitness Maniacs is worth it."

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