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A Stroke of Luck

One Christmas Eve I was in a hospital bed in Italy – everyone else was celebrating.  I had suffered a “stroke”.  My business was doing fantastically well but I would have to tell the mirror ‘who’s the man’ because the truth wasn’t good - I weighed in at a loose 92kg. Sad as I could be – this was a stroke of luck as I then sms’ed Milesh Morar from my hospital bed. From there I got in touch with Wendy and soon was a happy (boot)camper!

Where am I now? Training with a great bunch of people. I’m not sure if one put out a strict selection process to find the best mix of healthy-life and fitness focussed people – that you’d have such a perfect mix!!

I’m eating healthy and can cheat on occasion without bulges showing!
I have mega energy at work – and succeeding in business. No such thing as hitting any walls – just climb over them!  I’m achieving a state of healthy mind and body!

I’m fit … although I still feel like death warmed up on that first corner of the warm up laps – particularly on a Saturday morning!  Yeah, my left elbow hurts, my legs are always a bit tired, but alas there’s the instructor’s saying to assist: “just do what you can … but ‘DO’ what you can” (Milesh Morar). At the right level of competiveness – enjoyable. None of this military or typical boastful stuff. Everyone on the day is in their zone and we’re all there and ‘pushing through’ (paraphrased from Llewellyn Muhl’s “push through people”)

Hey – I’m confident and happy! I now weigh a tighter 82kg.
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