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Fitness Maniacs is my passion. Weight loss, exercise and a lifestyle change has taken my life to a happier, healthier level! Everyone deserves it, but most people don’t believe that they will ever achieve it. I have seen firsthand that change is possible and that the rewards are great. It is now my ambition to motivate and assist others to achieve their own goals. Being healthy and in-shape opens up so many doors for those who are prepared to give it their all. From personal experience, I can say that my attitude changed, I began to think more positively, my confidence was boosted and my life in general improved. The best part was that it became a fun way of life for me. Of course there are still tough days, but they have become few-and-far between. Whilst some are happy to make excuses as to why they can’t exercise, I look for more reasons and opportunities to exercise!

One thing I just could not do was run.  It infuriated me, I would see other participants start their journey as non runners and by the end of 12 weeks they were running with ease.  When I say run I mean running 1km without stopping.  This frustrated me.  So in June 2014 I made up my mind to change this once and for all.  My goal was to run 1km without stopping.  Now, let me assure you my style of running is more of a shuffle - some would call it a very fast walk - whatever, I don’t care, for me it is running.
So, every day I arrived at the "track" which was the Westville Civic Centre.  The track was 333 metres long.  My first attempt I made 100 metres without stopping.  I kept this up every day.  This was my goal, I owned the goal.  People stared at me - I did not care.  Two years later….if you get to the Civic Centre early enough on a Saturday morning you will see me running "my track".  5kms without stopping.
My point?  The journey never ends….we just set new goals. Start your journey today.

Best of Luck!
Wendy Bramley

My Story

Weight loss isn’t ever something that happens overnight, I am testament to that. By trading the yo-yo dieting and lack of exercise for the Fitness Maniacs lifestyle, I have lost over 30kg's and kept it off! Having experienced weight issues from childhood through to my mid-30’s, I was finally motivated to make a lasting change. I had never had a problem following diets, and losing weight came easy, but the problem was that most of the weight would creep back on after every dieting spell.

I wanted to increase my fitness levels and be able to run short distances, but the thought of going to the gym was far too daunting! The wake-up call came at 35. I had grown tired of being uncomfortable and battling to find clothes that fitted me properly. Special occasions had become my worst nightmare because I never felt good in any outfit I wore. I avoided having photos taken because seeing myself was too upsetting.

In January 2009 I walked into a gym for the first time, signed up with a personal trainer, and the rest is history! My trainer educated me on the fundamentals of functional training and healthy eating practices. At the same time, I fell pregnant with my second child and with a newfound appreciation for gym, I trained throughout my pregnancy. I was back at training 2 days after the birth of my daughter. I never gained a single kilogram in my pregnancy and I managed to maintain my starting weight. Just 2 months after Katy was born, I had lost 18kgs and I lost a further 6kgs in the next 2 months.
I've made a commitment to myself, to never stop improving. I continue to train at least 4 times a week, and although I still have some weight to lose, I've maintained my weight loss since 2009 and continue to lose in small, sustainable amounts. I will never stop setting goals for myself and I am amazed at what I can achieve with determination, perseverance and a great support system.

In November 2009, I joined the Fitness Maniacs Team and participated in my first 12 week Transformation Challenge in January 2010. I attribute my 6kg weight loss over 12 weeks to the lifestyle changes I made and seeking out healthier food options. Prioritising gym sessions became incredibly important, because as a mother of two, a wife to David and a business owner, I would've found any excuse in the past to miss training sessions. Now, fueled by a fitter and slimmer version of myself, my personal motto is “No Excuses!”


What motivates me? Once I made the decision to make a lifestyle change, there was no turning back for me! Being a part of the Fitness Maniacs Team has given me the support that I needed to achieve my goals. Seeing others succeed and achieve their goals has also been a great motivator for me.
The Fitness Maniacs Team strive to keep every training session fun, energetic, effective and upbeat. The goal is to ensure that participants look forward to, and enjoy every session that they attend.
It's my passion to inspire others to achieve the health goals that they've set for themselves. The fact that I have travelled this road myself enables me to empathise with, and assist participants in their own transformation journey, encouraging them every step of the way!
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